Over the duration of this module, I feel as though I have developed a variety of objectives that will assist me within my future intended practice.

For my first two objectives, I visited relevant locations and produced a series of landscape and wildlife images, from this complied an edit of the most successful examples and considered their purpose and intentionality.

For my third objective, I considered methods of gaining experience or training within conservation and/or environmental fields. From my research, I highlighted a variety of potential sources and opportunities for this both current and future consideration. I resolved this by reflecting upon potential areas of specialisations.

For my fourth objective, I completed a variety of tasks relating to practical considerations for independent photographic practice. I started by researching methods of self promotion, marketing and networking and identifying ideas for future consideration. I then researched and reflected upon essential photographic equipment I will need to acquire for independent practice. To resolve this, I considered potential branding and business card designs, highlighting both generic and specific designs.

Overall, I believe I have successfully set out to and completed my intended objectives and feel as though I have learnt both practical and contextual knowledge of the core principles of what will become my independent photographic aspirations.


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