Research: Potential Business Card Designs

For my final post in my practical considerations for independent photographic practice, I decided to formulate ideas about potential business cards and with it an acknowledgement of a potential market.

I started this by looking for simple design examples that I felt were successful or appealed to me in an aesthetic sense.

I used vistaprint premium business cards as point of reference in seeing what pre-made design templates were available. From this, I have highlighted a selection of the ones I found to be visually impacting/appealing.











From this, I was able to consider what elements I felt were important to convey, whether that be for a more generic, general use business card or a more specialised card for specific contacts or potential clients.

I started to think more specifically about what practical applications I could follow in the beginning of my photography career/business. To begin, I believe it is likely I will aim produce freelance work within a variety of general photographic fields. However, within this, I will set out to continue to build my more specialised portfolio based around the concepts of conservation, environmental, landscapes, nature, wildlife, travel and adventure photography.

I decided to reflect upon my photographic interests and my recent research considerations as means thinking about potential branding for my photographic work.

In my last post, I started to discuss my desire to eventually specialise my hands on and photographic work towards coastal and marine areas of conservation. This started to make me think about ways to communicate this theme or other ways to define my business name or title.


Whilst in the process of designing a potential logo/title for a business card, I thought about way my name looked in a more formalised display.


When considering the inclusion of my middle name, this reinforced that my initials read H.M.S. I thought out the possible representation of word play associated with Her Majesty’s Ship and my intentions to potentially create photographic work based in coastal and marine areas. Even if this was not the direct reflection of my work (to begin with), it still have me an branding idea to distinguish my business name.

From this, I began to build a rough version of a generic and specific business card design.


Business Card - Generic 1


Business Card - Specific 1


Overall, I feel as though I have been able to formulate a few potential considerations and visual ideas for possible branding and business card design.


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