Photos: Wildlife – Red Bank

During this shoot at Red Bank, I also noted a few potential signs or representation of nature/wildlife images.

Quite frequently during this shoot, I spotted markings or footprints that demonstrated the presence of an animal(s) searching through different pools of water. Some contained dead crabs, but there was one that featured a fairly large, living crab who seemed alarmed by my interest. Despite this, I was able to produce a reasonable image of it hiding beneath the nearby vegetation.

A more subtle example was the sign of a single ladybird resting upon the remains of an oily, buckled jacket submerged within the water. It created a surprisingly aesthetic composition, representing a sense of scale with it.

Finally, I noted a solitary amongst miles of empty sands by the sea, again, it was this sense of scale and also the oddity of the situation that created a solid composition.

Overall, I believe that this was a successful shoot in produce a few fairly simple wildlife images.

I will now begin the process of the reviewing edits of these recent landscape and wildlife images to see which I felt were some of the most successful examples.

I will update my progress.

IMG_9391 IMG_9294 IMG_9344 IMG_9345 IMG_9347 IMG_9368 - Copy IMG_9372 IMG_9373 IMG_9374 IMG_9409+


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