Photos: Landscapes – Red Bank

For my final coastal location during my shoots for my NMP, I visited Red Bank.

My original intentions were to visit Hest Bank, but I was unable to find, after a great deal of searching. Whilst searching further along the coast in Bolton Le Sands, I came across an unknown site known as Red Bank.

Amongst my other images, I utilised this as an opportunity to develop a series of landscape images. I experimented with a variety of different composition, often emphasising a distinct feature of the environment, following the flow of the water and representing a variation of different tones, colours and geological characteristics.

Some of these were a closer look at the way oils moved through the water near the waters edge.

Many represented distinctive breaks in the clouds that illuminated the shore creating a very distinct aesthetic quality to the images.

Overall, I was pleased the resulting landscape images, many of which I feel are a strong representation of a coastal scene.

IMG_9248+  IMG_9399+IMG_9343+

IMG_9312IMG_9332IMG_9333IMG_9396IMG_9417IMG_9431+IMG_9430+IMG_9432+IMG_9433+  IMG_9410+     IMG_9411+ IMG_9412+ IMG_9413+ IMG_9414+ IMG_9421+ IMG_9422+ IMG_9423+ IMG_9424+ IMG_9429+


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