Photos: Landscapes – Heysham Half Moon Bay

The next coastal location that formed part of my ongoing NMP project was Heysham Half Moon Bay, as referred to in a previous post. However, I also used this as an opportunity to produce a series landscape images.

The main distinctive elements here represented a place of industry, even within its beach setting, there were identifiers of its status as such.

As a result, I produce several landscapes that encapsulated this view; industrial buildings, cargo crates, passing cargo ships. cranes, power lines and even a bomb warning.

I also noted several images that represented the excessive amount of seaweed present upon the beach itself.

Overall, I believe that the resulting images were successful in their representation of Heysham.

IMG_9135+ IMG_9136+ IMG_9137+ IMG_9047+ IMG_9048+ IMG_9084+ IMG_9033 IMG_9131 IMG_9133 IMG_9162 IMG_9172


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