Photos: Landscapes – Pilling Sands

During my visit to Pilling sands, I also produced a small series of landscape images.

This was primarily focused upon the far distanced silhouette of Heysham across the water. This made for an aesthetically pleasing, almost painted view of a nearby site of industry.

I experimented with a few different viewpoints and positions within my framing. Some tried to create layers of nearby features, representing Heysham a backdrop. Others purely focused upon the water and closed in on the view of Heysham. As a result, there were strong examples of both considerations.

Overall, I believe this was a successful series of landscape images.

I will update my progress.

IMG_8923+ IMG_8924+ IMG_8925+ IMG_8995+ IMG_8996+ IMG_8997+ IMG_9005+ IMG_9006+ IMG_9009+


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