Photos: Wildlife – Pilling Sands

Another examples of coastal location I recently visited during my NMP was Pilling Sands. Alongside my other images, I also sought to produce a series of wildlife images.

Through this, I once again noted several crab pools, several of which showed signs of potential sewage fungus or something similar in nature. Of which, I unfortunately found no living examples.

Most distinctive, I followed a sighting of what I believe were several Redshanks (estimation). I had to act very quickly as they were moving quite frequently and were easily alarmed. I was able to take a multitude of strong compositions from this.

Overall, I felt that this series was a successful in terms of developing successful wildlife images.

I will update my progress.

IMG_9003+ IMG_9004+ IMG_9007+ IMG_9008+ IMG_9010+ IMG_9021+ IMG_8926+ IMG_8927+ IMG_8928+ IMG_8932+ IMG_8933+ IMG_8934+ IMG_8943+ IMG_8944+ IMG_8945+ IMG_8965+ IMG_8975+ IMG_8976+ IMG_8999+ IMG_9000+ IMG_9001+ IMG_9002+


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