Photos: Landscapes – Cleveleys

The next coastal location I visited as a part of my NMP was Cleveleys, continuing along this coastline to find relevant marine areas. I also utilised this as  an opportunity to produce a series of landscape images.

Again, the pleasant conditions throughout the day proved to be complementary to the general features of the landscape.

For this, I identified different elements of this environment that represented a sense of place or interaction. There were a variety of aspects that stood from this, including; cruise ships, fishing, distinct structures by shore, a large metallic piece of debris, tourists, and the remnants of a pier.

Within this, I often favoured wide landscapes that represented a variety of the areas characteristics, giving a sense of scale and perspective to the composition.

Overall, I believe that this shoot was successful in developing potential landscape images.


IMG_1295+ IMG_1312+ IMG_1353+ IMG_1354+ IMG_1386+ IMG_1408+ IMG_1413+ IMG_1414+ IMG_1423+ IMG_1459+ IMG_1461+ IMG_1462+ IMG_1465+ IMG_1391 IMG_1399 IMG_1401 IMG_1402 IMG_1417


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