Photos: Wildlife – St Annes

For my second coastal location in my NMP, I visited St Annes, the Northern side of this area, further along the Flyde coast. However, I also decided to use this as an opportunity to produce any wildlife images.

In this, I followed a flock of birds, of which I believe there at least two different species that contribute to this formation. Once again, I was unsure of how to identify them, especially they were quite a distance away and rapidly moving in different formations.

I used multi-shot to try and capture different stages of motion and also to see if they would reflect distinct positions or compositional features. Some of the images worked better than others, sharper and/or with stronger visual elements.

Overall, I believe that was a successful shoot for developing wildlife images.

I will update my progress.

IMG_1259+ IMG_1260+ IMG_1261+ IMG_1263+ IMG_1264+ IMG_1275+ IMG_1276+ IMG_1278+ IMG_1279+


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