Photos: Wildlife – Morecambe

During this visit to Morecambe, I also spotted a flock of sea birds resting away from the beach.

Upon closer inspection, I was still unsure of what type of bird this was, it certainly wasn’t a gull, it was of a medium size, with black and white feathers and a fairly distinct, large orange beak.

There seemed to be a fairly generous population in this particular spot, however, even with my telephoto, they were still quite far aware. I tried to move out as far as possible to account for this, however, I was still quite happy with the compositions that offered a sense of scale in the group dynamic.

Overall, I felt the resulting wildlife images were successful and had also encouraged a potential consideration for further research.

I will update my progress.

IMG_9228 IMG_9231 IMG_9232 IMG_9233 IMG_9234 IMG_9222


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