Photos: Wildlife – Red Bank

During this shoot at Red Bank, I also noted a few potential signs or representation of nature/wildlife images.

Quite frequently during this shoot, I spotted markings or footprints that demonstrated the presence of an animal(s) searching through different pools of water. Some contained dead crabs, but there was one that featured a fairly large, living crab who seemed alarmed by my interest. Despite this, I was able to produce a reasonable image of it hiding beneath the nearby vegetation.

A more subtle example was the sign of a single ladybird resting upon the remains of an oily, buckled jacket submerged within the water. It created a surprisingly aesthetic composition, representing a sense of scale with it.

Finally, I noted a solitary amongst miles of empty sands by the sea, again, it was this sense of scale and also the oddity of the situation that created a solid composition.

Overall, I believe that this was a successful shoot in produce a few fairly simple wildlife images.

I will now begin the process of the reviewing edits of these recent landscape and wildlife images to see which I felt were some of the most successful examples.

I will update my progress.

IMG_9391 IMG_9294 IMG_9344 IMG_9345 IMG_9347 IMG_9368 - Copy IMG_9372 IMG_9373 IMG_9374 IMG_9409+


Photos: Landscapes – Red Bank

For my final coastal location during my shoots for my NMP, I visited Red Bank.

My original intentions were to visit Hest Bank, but I was unable to find, after a great deal of searching. Whilst searching further along the coast in Bolton Le Sands, I came across an unknown site known as Red Bank.

Amongst my other images, I utilised this as an opportunity to develop a series of landscape images. I experimented with a variety of different composition, often emphasising a distinct feature of the environment, following the flow of the water and representing a variation of different tones, colours and geological characteristics.

Some of these were a closer look at the way oils moved through the water near the waters edge.

Many represented distinctive breaks in the clouds that illuminated the shore creating a very distinct aesthetic quality to the images.

Overall, I was pleased the resulting landscape images, many of which I feel are a strong representation of a coastal scene.

IMG_9248+  IMG_9399+IMG_9343+

IMG_9312IMG_9332IMG_9333IMG_9396IMG_9417IMG_9431+IMG_9430+IMG_9432+IMG_9433+  IMG_9410+     IMG_9411+ IMG_9412+ IMG_9413+ IMG_9414+ IMG_9421+ IMG_9422+ IMG_9423+ IMG_9424+ IMG_9429+

Photos: Landscapes – Heysham Half Moon Bay

The next coastal location that formed part of my ongoing NMP project was Heysham Half Moon Bay, as referred to in a previous post. However, I also used this as an opportunity to produce a series landscape images.

The main distinctive elements here represented a place of industry, even within its beach setting, there were identifiers of its status as such.

As a result, I produce several landscapes that encapsulated this view; industrial buildings, cargo crates, passing cargo ships. cranes, power lines and even a bomb warning.

I also noted several images that represented the excessive amount of seaweed present upon the beach itself.

Overall, I believe that the resulting images were successful in their representation of Heysham.

IMG_9135+ IMG_9136+ IMG_9137+ IMG_9047+ IMG_9048+ IMG_9084+ IMG_9033 IMG_9131 IMG_9133 IMG_9162 IMG_9172

Photos: Landscapes – Pilling Sands

During my visit to Pilling sands, I also produced a small series of landscape images.

This was primarily focused upon the far distanced silhouette of Heysham across the water. This made for an aesthetically pleasing, almost painted view of a nearby site of industry.

I experimented with a few different viewpoints and positions within my framing. Some tried to create layers of nearby features, representing Heysham a backdrop. Others purely focused upon the water and closed in on the view of Heysham. As a result, there were strong examples of both considerations.

Overall, I believe this was a successful series of landscape images.

I will update my progress.

IMG_8923+ IMG_8924+ IMG_8925+ IMG_8995+ IMG_8996+ IMG_8997+ IMG_9005+ IMG_9006+ IMG_9009+

Photos: Wildlife – Pilling Sands

Another examples of coastal location I recently visited during my NMP was Pilling Sands. Alongside my other images, I also sought to produce a series of wildlife images.

Through this, I once again noted several crab pools, several of which showed signs of potential sewage fungus or something similar in nature. Of which, I unfortunately found no living examples.

Most distinctive, I followed a sighting of what I believe were several Redshanks (estimation). I had to act very quickly as they were moving quite frequently and were easily alarmed. I was able to take a multitude of strong compositions from this.

Overall, I felt that this series was a successful in terms of developing successful wildlife images.

I will update my progress.

IMG_9003+ IMG_9004+ IMG_9007+ IMG_9008+ IMG_9010+ IMG_9021+ IMG_8926+ IMG_8927+ IMG_8928+ IMG_8932+ IMG_8933+ IMG_8934+ IMG_8943+ IMG_8944+ IMG_8945+ IMG_8965+ IMG_8975+ IMG_8976+ IMG_8999+ IMG_9000+ IMG_9001+ IMG_9002+

Photos: Wildlife – Knotts End

During my visit to Knotts End, I was also able to produce a series of wildlife images.

Initially, this followed the presence of several crab pools, within which there were examples of both living and dead crabs within each, surrounded by marine litter. Working through water proved to be a challenging experience, however, whilst experimenting with different focal points, I was able to produce a few detailed examples.

Rather remarkably, I also found several more jellyfish washed up by the shore, these examples were even more concerning example of the effects of water pollution as they were covered in oil. These made for impacting examples of wildlife images.

Overall, I believe that this series offers a potential selection of wildlife images.

IMG_1613 IMG_1615 IMG_1618 IMG_1619 IMG_1621 IMG_1626 IMG_1629 IMG_1631 IMG_1632 IMG_1638 IMG_8791 IMG_8792 IMG_8793 IMG_8794 IMG_8795 IMG_8796 IMG_8797 IMG_8799 IMG_8800 IMG_8801 IMG_8802 IMG_8803 IMG_8805 IMG_8806 IMG_8807 IMG_8808 IMG_8811 IMG_8812 IMG_8814 IMG_8815 IMG_8816 IMG_8817 IMG_8818 IMG_8820 IMG_8821 IMG_8822

Photos: Landscapes – Knotts End

My next coastal location on my list for my NMP was Knotts End, during which I also produced a series of landscape images.

The main emphasis of this was the representation of interactive shots, following several wind-surfers nearby passing cruise/cargo ships.

I found that there was a fairly distinct visual dynamic occurring between these two events, creating an interesting composition. This was complemented by the softened features, again, cloud cover acting as a diffuser upon the environment.

I also noted a few abandoned objects including an old boat and the bow of a ship submerged within the water.

Overall, I believe that these landscapes were successful in their representation of Knotts End.

I will update my progress.

IMG_1596 IMG_1602 IMG_1646+ IMG_1655+

IMG_1641+ IMG_1642+

IMG_1643+ IMG_1644+ IMG_1645+