Photos: Landscapes – Perth

After numerous considerations and minor issues with accessing some of my intended locations for NMP, I was offered an opportunity to visit Perthshire in Scotland, in the hope that venturing further away the North West was help me develop further ideas, as well as giving me a chance to develop landscape images.

My first location shoot was in Perth, during a time of heavy rainfall/hailstorms. This was represented through a very gloomy, dramatic aesthetic within the skyline. I focused upon any distinct landmarks/characteristics, the definition of the sky and endured difficult conditions to produce a series of landscapes. One of the most appealing aspects in a aesthetic sense, was the anticipation of the storm and the rapid transition between light and darkness.

Overall, I feel that this was a fairly successful shoot, some of the images were stronger than others but in general sense, they weren’t quite as distinct as some of my previous landscapes in Salford Quays.

IMG_0202b IMG_0205 IMG_0244 IMG_0249 IMG_0265 IMG_0266 IMG_0268 IMG_0309 IMG_0203+ IMG_0267+ IMG_0270+ IMG_0271+


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