Photos: Landscapes – Salford Quays

As a part of both my PDP objectives and location shoots for my final major project or other nearby areas, I intend to undertake a series of landscape and wildlife images that I hope will either inform my overall visual work and/or form part of my ongoing portfolio.

The first of which was during my visit to South Bay in Salford Quays. Within this, I experimented with a variety of different landscape compositions that aimed to represent a sense of place and interaction, primarily following the process of dredging the waterway and how other elements interacted with this in terms of scale or oddity. One of the most unusual aspects of this was seeing how close the nearby water-sports club/gathering were throughout the duration of this process.

Overall, I believe this was a successful shoot for establishing definitive landscape images.

IMG_9970 IMG_9972 IMG_9975 IMG_9979 IMG_0006 IMG_9888 IMG_9896 IMG_9898 IMG_9899 IMG_9900 IMG_9902 IMG_9904 IMG_9907 IMG_9910 IMG_9911 IMG_9914 IMG_9917 IMG_9935 IMG_9936 IMG_9937 IMG_9938 IMG_9941 IMG_9945 IMG_9949 IMG_9950 IMG_9951 IMG_9952 IMG_9955 IMG_9956 IMG_9957 IMG_9965


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