Lecture: Going Freelance – Richard Mefta

Whilst in the process of reflecting upon my potential objectives for this module, I attended a lecture with former photography student, Richard Mefta.

He offered an insight into some of the essential processes involved when starting up as a freelance photographer, reflecting upon the ups and downs of his first year since completing his degree.

I will outline some of general points discussed within this.

Skills that freelancers need:

  • Networking
  • Time Management
  • Contacts – Attend relevant events

Setting up a business:

  • Have a business plan
  • Knowledge of finances
  • Market research
  • Acquire a business card – you receive a card, follow up artist.

Value proposition – tips, pro’s and con’s of producing visual work for a client:

  • Newness
  • Performance
  • Customisation
  • Getting job done
  • Design
  • Brand status
  • Price
  • Cost reduction
  • Accessibility
  • Convenience & Inability
  • Communication – be aware of what the client expects and requires from you


  • Look at what others within your field charge for their photographic work
  • If going rate is more than you were thinking of charging, charge the going rate.
  • Brand association – middle ground pricing


  • Website
  • Portfolio
  • Business card
  • PR


  • Word of mouth – get out and talk to people.
  • Online – Professional profile – shares and distribution.
  • Linkedin – Professional profile – join groups relevant to your intended direction – students, clients.
  • Hootsuite – program for management of profiles across multiple sites.
  • Be cautious of which sites to host images – issues with copyright and licencing.

I found this session to helpful in identifying some potential areas to start considering for my future intended practice. I feel that there might be several areas of research to form a smaller part of my overall personal development plan.

I will update my progress.




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